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Designed to Thrive

Situated in the bustling neighborhood of Kaka‘ako, Ālia represents a new era of luxury that places nature on a pedestal. Brought to life by Kobayashi Group, Ālia was envisioned to not only offer residents an inspired living experience, but to also be the most sustainable luxury tower in the state. After countless concepting meetings, conference calls, and late nights working with leading minds in architecture, design, and sustainable development, we were left with a project that was truly unlike anything else in the city.

So just how did Kobayashi Group create a luxury tower, complete with expansive amenities, that was also good for the planet? Like most things in life, it all starts with water. Specifically, greywater. Greywater is a term for wastewater that comes from sources such as sinks, showers, and washing machines. Greywater can be treated and reused for non-potable purposes, such as irrigation—or, in the case of Ālia, a centralized air conditioning system—which can significantly reduce the building’s overall water consumption.

The greywater treatment system at Ālia is truly state-of-the-art, utilizing the latest technology to filter out impurities and contaminants. Here’s how it works: The system collects greywater from all of the units in the tower and stores it in a central tank. From there, the water undergoes a series of filtration and treatment processes to remove any impurities and contaminants. The end result is water that’s been treated to the state’s highest grade.

Once the greywater has been purified, it is then reused for non-potable purposes like our centralized air conditioning system. This significantly reduces the amount of water that Ālia needs to draw from the county, which in turn reduces the building’s impact on the environment.

Overall, the greywater treatment system at Ālia is just one of the many ways in which this luxury tower is leading the way in sustainable living. By reusing greywater for non-potable purposes, Ālia is reducing its overall water consumption and minimizing its impact on the environment. As more and more people become aware of the importance of sustainability, buildings like Ālia serve as a shining example of what can be achieved when we prioritize thoughtful design.